Thursday, August 25, 2011

GlobeTelecom's BM622 Modem is Vulnerable

If you're of the first customers of Globe Telecom's Wimax Service, then you might own a Huawei Echolife BM622 modem.
Huawei BM622

I own one, and just recently I found out that it's hackable, meaning, you can get free internet even if you don't have any subscription. I said..'Really?'. So I made some research and found out that everyone is looking to buy this modem, even the disconnected ones. I dug deeper, until such time that I found myself navigating through the modem's restricted areas like the Admin Control Panel. I even changed my modem's Mac Address, and this is the part that got me baffled. Could we really change a code that is built into the hardware? Anyhow, I managed to changed mine with a Mac address "borrowed from a neighbor". Let's just say my neighbor's subscription is 1mbps while mine is only 512kbps. If all works out, my speed should be around 1mbps. Surprisingly, it did! So I was thinking, I'm not a hacker by nature, but I just made an illegal activity. By the way, I don't have any intention of keeping the Mac Address to myself, I'm happy with my current speed and I will continue paying for it.
I will not go into details about how I did the whole process, for obvious reasons. I just wanted to see for myself about the BM622 modem and it's vulnerabilities. True enough, it can be easily penetrated even by a novice computer user.  Globe Telecom, be warned.

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